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I was born in the Pyrenees & have lived in Paris, Tahiti, Los-Angeles & Nimes, but it is London where I feel most at home. I have worked in hospitality for around ten years. My sommelier training began at Pierre Gagnaire's eponymous restaurant on the Rue Balzac, Paris. Following a number of years at the restaurant, I was offered the opportunity to lead the sommelier team at Piere Gagnaires's first London-based brasserie, The Gallery at Sketch. 

I have been lucky enough to travel a lot & each experience showed me a different approach to life & to the wine industry. If I were only able to drink one wine it would have to be Champagne & I have applied Winston Churchill's motto in every step of my life -"in victory we deserve it, in defeat we need it".

The right wine with the right company can create wonderful memories - I look forward to welcoming you to Hedonism Wines & helping to find the right wine for you.